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Our location in the northern part of the California valley allows us to source the best available nuts for our clients directly from the farmers/packers. Whatever your needs might be, almonds, walnuts, pistachios or any other type of natural nut we will do our very best to guarantee the highest possible quality and prompt delivery anywhere in the world.  Our professional service is the reason our clients are satisfied with our products, and it remains and always will be the foundation of our success.

Especially for order of Walnut halves and pieces (LHP) we recommend using our chart (click here). Look at the different options of sizes (examples 1-15) and colors (A, B, C, or D) and choose the combination (e.g. 3B) that best fits your needs. This way you are sure what you are getting!

Natural and Healthy Foods

Under the "Natural foods" section we offer a wide variety of healthy choices. These products will certainly allow you to delve into the secrets of traditional cuisines. We represent two baking goods factories in Cyprus, certified by internationally acknowledged certification agencies. Among our products you can find crackers, crisprolls, rusks and frozen pies (e.g. spinach pie, aka spanakopita).

For a full list of our products click here.


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