Some of our projects


Organic products such as goji berries, freeze-dried goji powder, pomegranate powder and other from China.

Organic dried Goji berries (Wolfberries) are some of the healthiest berries known to humankind. Grecotrade has successfully sourced and imported large quantities of these special berries just as goji berry powder from China, ensuring that they are certified organic by an accredited agent of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP). This means that the Goji berries have been tested and certified to be organic from the time when they were grown on the farm all the way until they reach the consumer.



Walnuts to Middle East and CIS countries

Walnuts are renowned for their health benefits as well as their great taste. Through Grecotrade's close partnerships with some of California's top walnut growers, Grecotrade is able to offer its clients both in-shell and shelled walnut options from one of the premier regions in the world. Most recently Grecotrade successfully exported walnuts to Turkey, CIS countries and the Middle East.



California almonds and walnuts to the UAE, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Egypt and Kyrgyzstan 

One of the least expensive and most loved nuts in the world, almonds are in demand year round. Grecotrade is able to meet this demand through its strategic partnerships with several Californian almond packers, built on mutual trust and respect. Most recently Grecotrade successfully exported Nonpareil almonds to Dubai, U.A.E. Other destinations include Azerbaijan and Egypt.  


Other management projects

  • Galvanized steel wire to the UK
  • Whey powder to Australia
  • Rice to Iran prior to U.S. sanctions